Focus on your skin. Facial shine will be picked up by the camera, so a little powder is recommended  to minimize that shine. Also, refrain from using sunscreens, as they can add a pasty white film on your face.

For colors, it is ideal if all parties in the photo wear solid and simple and consistent tones. Too many tones or even one odd pattern can be very distracting in the photo. Choose clothing in the same tonal range so that no single member of a family or group stands out. Darker tones are slimming and work well with darker backgrounds or settings. Middle and lighter tones work well for outdoor photography. Stay clear of super bright colors as they can wash out the image.

Brides, be sure the room you are getting dressed in is large with lots of natural sun light! This makes for the best “getting ready” images!

The Bride should remember to hold her bouquet down at waist height to show off that dress she spent a fortune on!

When kissing your bride or groom, do so slowly and hold it for a few seconds. Some of the most romatic photos are the inch right before the kiss.

Kissing: When kissing, don’t tilt the head or only one profile will be seen. Hold your head straight up and make your noses side by side. This way both of you will be seen in the photo.

Affection: Some couples don’t like showing affection in public. Let this one day be an exception. Your wedding photos will tell you for years to come why you fell in love and married this special person.

Makeup: Try to do a Hair and Make up test before the wedding day comes, to make sure that the colors are right for your type of skin and hair, because digital cameras make those differences obvious.

Ham it up! If you feel silly… you’re having fun and your pictures will be a million times more interesting. Work that day like it’s a red-carpet premiere and you are the star.

Relax and have fun. It’s a great day! If you’re stressed or exhausted, it’ll show.” So, make sure you bring someone who makes you laugh. It’ll help you to loosen up!

Finally, photos will always take longer than you think. Budget plenty of time for them!

…I hope you enjoyed these wedding photography tips! Add your favorite tips below!






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